‘He wants to kill himself’

Tadiwa Murapiro, Court Reporter

A Harare man has threatened to kill himself after his ex-girlfriend refusing to reconcile with him several times.

Mavis Machingura appeared before a Harare Civil Court Magistrate seeking a protection order against her ex-boyfriend Kanyemba, who had been pestering her to reconcile with him and threatening to kill himself.

“Your worship, my ex-boyfriend is in the habit of harassing me; he forces me into his house and says he wants to commit suicide unless l reconcile with him,” said Mavis.

Mavis said she was no longer residing at her place. She is staying at her friend’s house hiding from him.


“I now sleep at my friend’s house hiding from him,” she said.

She said Kanyemba always demands to have unprotected sex with her.

She said Kanyemba drags her forcefully in front of people at the shopping centre to his house.

She said he usually takes a rope threatening to kill himself.

“He once grabed a knife saying he wanted to kill himself,” said Mavis.

In his defence, Kanyemba claimed that he was only going to her place to ask for reconciliation.

Presiding Magistrate Gladys Moyo granted a protection order in favour of Mavis.