‘She invades my privacy’

Motrish Gundumura, Court Reporter

A Harare landlady is in the habit of opening the bathroom door whenever her tenant will be bathing.

This came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Fatima Musha was seeking a protection order against her landlord Magret Chishaya who she said was in the habit of assaulting and harassing her whenever she uses the bathroom.

“Whenever I try to bath or to use the bathroom Magret opens the door and takes my buckets throwing them away.

“She is taking advantage that I cannot shout at her because she is the landlady but to be honest she is abusing me.


“I am now even afraid to bath or to relieve myself because she can open the door anytime.

“She insults me with obscenities in front of my children,” said Musha.

Fatima told the court that she once hired people to assault her.

“On January 27 she hired her sisters from Chitungwiza to come and assault me.

“I still have fresh scars all over my body and she is not even paying medical bills,” Fatima said.

Magret disputed the allegations.

“She is lying your worship; she will be doing her laundry in the bathroom and we only have one bathroom.

“Whenever I try to talk to her telling her that I want use the bathroom that is when we start exchanging words.

“She is the one who is violent.

“I end up using my bedroom for bathing because I am now afraid of her violent actions.


“I gave her notice and she is refusing to leave my house.

“She provokes me and I provoke her too,” said Magret.

The presiding magistrate Glyads Moyo granted the protection order in Fatima’s favour.