‘He abuses me, kids’

Bethel Bayanai, Court Reporter

A WOMAN dragged her husband to court claiming that he verbally and physically abuses her and their children.

Genecia Venecio opened up at the domestic violence court where she pleaded for a peace order against her husband Nick Phiri.

“Your worship Nick is in the habit of insulting and assaulting me in front of our children calling me names.

“He beats up our children for no reason everytime he returns home from the beerhall.


“I only drank beer when we were together. l once returned home drunk around 2am.

“That is when he harassed me beating me up claiming that I`m a prostitute,” she said.

In response Nick dismissed the allegations as lies.

“She fabricates stories; I have never assaulted her.

“I neither drink beer nor visit beerhalls.

“She is the problem, she returns home early in the morning,” said Nick.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Maketo advised Venecio to correct her behaviour and always make sure that she returns home earlier.

She granted the case in favour of Venecio.