Granny strangles Grade 7 boy

Walter Mswazie in Masvingo

A 68-year-old Rhodene woman allegedly strangled her nephew to death by pulling his neck tie for coming late from school the previous day before she attempted to commit suicide by poisoning, police have confirmed.

Modie Chirinda of Carry Street allegedly pulled Gokomere primary pupil, Macdonald Chirinda (13)’s neck tie as she was reprimanding him.

Upon realising that the Grade Seven boy was now unconscious due to her actions, she then took some poisonous substance, apparently in regret but survived.

The body was taken to Masvingo General Hospital mortuary for post-mortem while the elderly lady was rushed to the same for treatment.


Sources at the hospital where Chirinda was still admitted by yesterday said indications were that she took a poisonous substance and was frothing from the mouth.

It is alleged that last Wednesday at around 6am, Chirinda who was aunt questioned Macdonald who was already in uniform preparing to leave for school, why he had come late the previous day.

The late boy commuted to and fro school every day.

Before even responding, Chirinda then charged towards the boy and sensing danger the boy attempted to run away but he was grabbed by the tie.

Macdonald tried to scream for help but the assailant would not have mercy as she continued pulling the neck tie until he suffocated to death.

Masvingo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Charity Mazula said the incident occurred on Wednesday in Rhodene Suburb at around 6am.

Chirinda who allegedly took poison was admitted while under police guard at Masvingo General Hospital.

“Yes, we received such a report but police are still carrying out investigations to figure out what exactly transpired.

“The case was reported from Rhodene’s Carry Street. It involves an elderly woman and her nephew who was attending Gokomere primary,” said Chief Insp Mazula.