Dokora’s ex requests trial postponement

Mercy Hanyani

Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

THE trial of former education minister Lazarus Dokora and his estranged wife failed to kick off once again yesterday as his ex-wife’s lawyer wasn’t ready for trial.

Dokora in that matter is the complainant after he made a counter report of malicious damage to property following his estranged wife Mercy Hanyani’s report for domestic violence.

The matter which was scheduled for trial after both parties had been summoned to court, failed to kick off with Hanyani giving an excuse that she only received the summons Monday night, and as such, she had failed to give adequate instructions to her lawyer in order to craft a defence outline.

The State led by Strike Matongera didn’t oppose the application but Dokora expressed his displeasure for having the matter postponed.


“A warrant of arrest was issued against me when I defaulted court. I also received summons and I’m here today yet I also received the subpoenas last night, the court should take note that I am begrudgingly acceding to the postponement,” said Dokora.

Hanyani was warned by Court that if she’s not ready on the new trial date, trial will commence with or without her lawyers.

Allegations are that on August 5, Dokora left home around 7am for work leaving his ex-wife Mercy Hanyani 31, in the company of the informant Gamuchirai Dokora and other witnesses.

It is further alleged that Hanyani went to the cottage holding an unknown metal bar and broke down the door to their cottage damaging the lock in the process.

The court further heard that she returned to the main house and threw some mealie meal and instant maheu on the kitchen floor and removed a single gas cooker top that has not been located to date.

It is further alleged that during her stay at the house, she would cause some series of actions to cause commotion and emotional disturbances at the house by spilling a boiling pot of meat in the garden to feed the dogs or pouring water on the firewood prohibiting other members of the house from cooking.