Teacher demands oral sex from ‘cheating’ wife

Shepherd Sanyika, Court Reporter

A CHURCHILL school teacher is demanding oral sex from his cheating wife the way she did it with the man of the cloth she cheated with.

The couple appeared in court with the man seeking for a protection order against the wife.

Circumstances are that Benjamin Mwandifara got wind that his wife of 22 years Chipo Madzamba had oral sex with a catholic priest at a lodge in Chinhoyi.

“I quizzed her about the allegations and she confessed to having had oral sex with a priest after prayers.


“She said that it was a way of thanking the priest who had helped her financially some 20 years ago as well as helping her recently to sell her chickens.

“I forgave her on condition she does the same to me and she complied for two weeks only,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin said he then thought of a plan to hook up with a lady so as to torture his wife emotionally.

“As a way of pleasuring myself as well as to make her feel the way I felt I hooked up with another woman.

“I recorded myself doing the act and I showed her the video and she now sleeps wearing jackets or delaying to come to the bedroom as a means of denying me conjugal rights,” he added.

The court learnt that Chipo had since moved out of the matrimonial home and her husband does not want her to return anymore.

“I do not want her to return since she is the one who opted to move out and I cannot stay with a cheat.

“The court should ban her from my home as well as my workplace as she is now in the habit of embarrassing me by insulting me and harassing me in front of students.”

Chipo disputed the accusations saying there was no evidence that she ever cheated with a priest.

“I have never cheated with anyone even the priest as he is saying and there is no evidence to prove that.


“He would force me to perform oral sex and if I refuse he would threaten to stab me.

“I moved out because I am afraid he will infect me with STIs or HIV as he once showed me a video of him having unprotected sex with an old lady who I suspect is sick because of her appearance.

“He also takes advantage of my absence if I go to funerals or family gathering to bring hookers for sex,” Chipo said.

The court also heard that Chipo grabbed her husband’s belt in the school fields after she got pictures of her husband and some female teacher wearing her undergarments.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo told Benjamin that he was sexually abusing his wife by demanding and forcing her to do oral sex.

She also ordered Chipo to stop physically and verbally abusing her husband and advised her to apply for her own protection order.