In-laws in land dispute

Shepherd Sanyika, Court Reporter

A LAND dispute has landed in-laws in court.

Clever Manyika wants the court to grant him a peace order that will protect him from the wrath of his father-in-law Paul Foya and sister-in-law Revai Foya.

“I separated with my wife sometime back and I am not living in peace because these two are tormenting me.

“My sister in-law is in the habit of insulting, assaulting and harassing me.


“At one time she came to my place of residence and attacked me by throwing a brick at me but I did not retaliate.

“It broke my hand and I have this x-ray as evidence; she also uses pots to assault me.

“I want them to stop coming to my house which will help us to maintain peace,” Manyika said.

Manyika said he tried to get audience from his father-in-law to reprimand his daughter but it fell on deaf ears.

“When I asked her father to talk to her, he scolded me,” he added.

Paul disputed the claims and told the court that they were only having a land dispute.

“I do not threaten or insult him but he is just angry that I want my land where he has built his house back.

“This particular land where he built his house is mine and I acquired it in 1992.

“How then does he want to ban me from coming to my land; he is the one who should leave that piece of land,” he said.

Revai also disputed the accusation levelled against her by her brother-in-law.


“I do not harass or assault him. In fact, I am not in good books with him and I do not visit his place.

“He is the one who slapped me after he exchanged words with my father and I questioned him why he did not have respect for the elderly,” Revai said.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo granted a reciprocal peace order to all the parties so that they maintain peace towards each other.