Neighbours fight over customers

Motrish Gundumura , Court Reporter

Mbare neighbours are fighting over water customers.

For that, Pablo Anderson approached the courts seeking for a peace order against his neighbour Brian Masara who is in the habit of insulting and assaulting him whenever water customers come to him for business.

Anderson told the court that Masara is taking advantage of his dogs to insult him and other people.

“Masara is in the habit of coming to my house with dogs to assault me and insult me knowing that I cannot fight because his dogs can even kill me.


“He is saying I am taking his customers yet I am the one helping him with my phone to do his Ecocash transactions.

“I am employed and I pay US$80 for my rentals and so how can I survive with money from water deals?” said Anderson.

Anderson told the court that he is now living in fear because Masara is violent and he can cannot retaliate because he is always with dogs all the times.

“I am now living in fear your worship because whenever we argue with this friend of mine he ends up threatening to kill me,” said Anderson.

Masara opposed the allegations.

“I am not violent your worship; the dogs he is talking about just follow me.

“I have never unleashed my dogs on anyone.

“He is taking my customers. All my customers are now buying water from him yet I am the person who started this business in our area.

“During weekends all my customers are now purchasing water from him.”

The presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo granted the peace order in Anderson’s favour.