Pfugari family at war

Eddie Pfugari Properties’ Bentley House offices

Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Descendants of the late property mogul Eddie Pfugari were yesterday involved in a tiff that closed business at their Bentley House offices in the capital.

A raging dispute has been in existence between main actors Eddie Pfugari Junior who owns a 50 percent stake and his four other siblings led by executor Clever Mandizvidza.

Mandizvidza allegedly instructed guards at the premise not to open doors with staff being turned away as result.


Eddie Pfugari born Edward Nyanyiwa collapsed and died at his Milton Park home last February, he was 82.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, Eddie Pfugari Properties’ operations manager, Julius Muzuva was still negotiating his way into the building.

“We have turned away about three important clients because the some of the beneficiaries of the estate have decided to lock the building.

“This was besides our consultation and we had to turn away members of staff after guards refused to let anyone including me in,” said Muzuva.

He said some of the siblings are teaming up against the company’s director with the estate wrangle almost coming to an end.

“Our operations have been jeopardised and we are all keen on the final distribution of the estate.

“The other family members are disputing Edward Nyanyiwa (Eddie Pfugari Jnr)’s entitlement to a 50 percent stake and his role as the substantive director,” he added.

Contacted for comment, executor to the estate Mandizvidza said they closed down the building to regularise the company.

“There is no bad blood between us but we have only closed the building to allow proper processes to register the company.


“It’s a prerequisite of the Companies Act that any established firm must have two directors which is not the issue with Pfugari Properties.

“We are doing this for all the deceased’s children to benefit and our lawyers are meeting soon before the Master of High Court,” he said.

Pfugari is survived by his wife Hazel and five children Naomi, Stephen, Edward Jnr, Henrieta and Itai.

The late property mogul owned properties from number 32 to 42 along Mbuya Nehanda Street in Harare, land in Whitecliff and Bindura.

He championed development of Knowe farm in Norton into stands.