Control your drinking habits

The story of a Zimbabwean man who fell to his death off a two-story building in Johannesburg, South Africa, made really sad reading.

That the man may have fallen due to alcohol abuse makes the death even more unfortunate. It is heart-wrecking to know that this man could have been alive today had he been moderate in his drinking.

Alcohol and drug abuse has been the downfall of many.

It may not always be death but many have fallen due to alcohol or drug abuse. Some used to be family men but they ruined their marriages and destroyed their relationships with their children by abusing alcohol.

Plenty lost their jobs and reputations in society because they misbehaved when drunk.


A lot more are failing to find someone to marry because they are deemed to be violent and irritating when drunk.

Drunk drivers and the lives their actions have taken are a subject for another day . . . However you look at it, alcohol kills something valuable in every human being and all drinkers must look critically at their drinking patterns and ask themselves, “Is it worth it?”

Some of the most regrettable things in life happen while people are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is common for both grown men and youths to wake up in the morning wondering or regretting “what happened last night.”

A few youths have died, some being found floating in pools, over suspected abuse of alcohol. Cases of people abusing alcohol and drugs – especially marijuana – are always at the courts. Almost every week, the media is awash with reports of mostly young men who would have been nabbed either for abusing drugs or illegally dealing in them.

What is worrying is how more and more drugs keep finding their way to the youths and why the whole process is not being stopped.

While it is widely known that marijuana is an illegal and dangerous drug, it is also not a secret that most youths – especially in the high density areas – openly smoke the drug the same way they smoke other legal cigarettes.

It is one thing to arrest wrongdoers of petty crimes like youths who are caught sharing one smoke of marijuana but getting rid of the problem is asking them where they got it and asking whoever gave them where he got it until we reach the source of the problem.

Most of the drugs are coming from neighbouring countries and there is need to find out how they are crossing our border and who is behind the whole operation.

We can live in a society with fewer dangers if we control our drinking habits and stay away from drugs.