Father, son, rape daughter (11)

Georgina Takavadini

A 41-year-old father was hauled to court for joining his son (20) in raping his daughter (11).

The father and son, who are based in Waterfalls, allegedly raped the 11-year-old through anal sexual intercourse.

The two, who cannot be identified to protect the minor, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa who remanded them in custody to February 18.

The two appeared on different records facing rape charges.


The State, led by Lancelot Mutsokoti, alleges that in September last year, the son was left with his sister at home when he got into the kitchen and slapped his sister once on the cheek before he left her going to his bedroom.

After slapping the complainant, the complainant followed to his bedroom with an intention to revenge but soon after getting into the room, the brother locked the door and ordered the complainant to sit on the bed as he started to remove the complainant’s skirt and panties.

It is the State’s case that the boy raped his sister without protection and ordered her to keep quiet as he was going to slap her if she revealed it to anyone.

The State is also alleging that the minor kept quiet and the same also happened in January this year when the minor was home with his father who ordered the complainant to come to his bedroom.

The minor complied with what her father had said and after getting into the room, she was told that he had called her to teach her how to do sexual intercourse.

The father forcibly lifted the complainant and made her lie on the bed with his head facing downwards as he undressed himself leading him to rape the victim.

After quenching his sexual appetite on his daughter, the father advised her to go and sleep saying she was going to be okay.

In February, the complainant visited her aunt and told her what her brother and father did to her but the aunt did not report the matter until it came to light when one of the police officers received a tip off from an anonymous caller that the complainant was living with abusive people.

After interviewing the complainant, she revealed that her father and brother had slept with her on different occasions which then led to their arrest.