‘He wants to chuck me out’

Shingirirayi Mugodi

A Mount Pleasant woman is at odds with her husband who wants her out of their matrimonial house over shop property.

Jenitha Banda opened up at Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order against her husband Patros Murekwa.

“It has been two years since my husband found a new place to stay but wants me and my children to move out of our house.

“Whenever he comes to the house he ends up insulting and beating me up.


“He has now moved in with his girlfriend and left me with the children,” she said.

Banda added:

“He should stop coming to my shop in Hatcliffe and harassing me.

“I do not understand why he still wants us to move out since he has another place to stay.”

In response, Murekwa said he can let them stay at the house but cannot stop going to the complex where his wife is working.

“I also have a shop at that same complex so should I stop working because of that?

“She looted everything from my shop to hers so I have to get my things back from her.

“I will let her and the kids stay at the house but she has to bring back everything of mine,” he said.

Magistrate Tilda Mazhande who presided over the matter ruled granted the protection order in Banda’s favour.

Murekwa was barred from visiting his estranged wife in Mount Pleasant and not to abuse her and children.