Mabelreign Girls High students on ‘girl up campaign’

Edwin Nhukarume, H-Metro Reporter

MABELREIGN Girls High students have initiated a move to help children in orphanage homes under a movement dubbed “Girl Up Campaign”.

The movement, which is under the programme of United Nations, is being spearheaded by the junior president of the campaign Sheryl Manyeruke and the junior vice president Shelsy Manyeruke who are both “A” Level students at Mabelreign Girls High.

Shelsy said they recently donated clothes at an orphanage in Mufakose and they have other programs to help both girls and boys in orphanages.

“We have been lately in Mufakose at Wings of Grace where we donated some clothes.


“Though our campaign is called Girl Up Campaign, we are not only focusing on girls but both sexes.

“We, however, have some programs that will benefit girls only.

“Since girls in children’s homes do not have money to buy pads we have a program that we are unleashing soon about making reusable pads,” said Shelsy.

“This Girl Up Campaign is mainly for girls but we will not discriminate boys in the process.

“Girls are our main priority,” she added.

Shelsy said their hope is to come up with the projects that will help children in orphanages to make income with the help of the government.

She also said children who reach the age of 18 from orphanage homes are also their target since they have nowhere to go.

“It is in our interest that the government would assist us in the projects that we want to kick start that would benefit the kids in children homes.

“We have projects like agriculture, catering, sewing and cosmetology.

“We are urging the government to help us with land and resources to make sure that these children get the best assistance in their upbringing,” she told H-Metro.


“We have realised that those who reach the age of 18 have nowhere to go since they have no homes and families most of them.

“It is in their best interest that they get involved in projects that will help them to be independent.

“And as Girl Up Campaign we will make sure we fulfill our objectives and vision,” she added.