‘Money weakens the church’

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

AN Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe church leader bemoaned how money has weakened the church’s spiritual power and movement.

Reverend Cossam Chiangwa, 64, said this on Tuesday responding to questions on the church’s relevance in Zimbabwe and what people expect this year.

“Zimbabwe is getting somewhere and great things are likely to happen for the good of the nation,” said Rev Chiangwa.

“There is a bright future for the nation and the devil does not always fight when there is nothing good for the people.


“The devil appeared in the Garden of Eden to destroy God’s plan, next time appeared tormenting Job, at the birth of Moses and strongly appeared at the birth of Jesus where many people were killed by Herod.

“I suspect that after every forty years God does something good for the nation.

“Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980 and this year we are now celebrating 40 years.

“Biblical Moses spent forty years herding sheep and our Lord and Saviour Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and there is an adage that says life begins at 40.

“Satan anoona zviripamberi kudarika vanhu kuti vasasvike panezvakagadzirirwa vanhu naMwari. Panouya zvakanaka panotombofiwa chaizvo.

“We are looking forward to receiving bigger things this year and Zimbabwe turns 40 so I urge people to remain steadfast and expectant,” said Rev Chiangwa.

He admitted that the devil has taken centre stage among AFM saying poverty is a weapon used by the devil to weaken and defocus the church.

“Church has been invaded by rich people who took positions of authority through financial muscle,” said Rev Chiangwa.

“Church leaders were blinded and they allowed rich people to manipulate the poor and they took control and weakened church and fooled leaders.

“Church allowed pagans to administer their affairs and as we speak AFM is bleeding and only few are fulfilling God’s will while many went astray,” he said.


Chiangwa said he was an agronomist in 1969 before accepting the call to church ministry and registering with a Bible College in 1977.

He urged church leaders milking people by interpreting the word of God out of context to farm the land or start businesses.

“We have the remnant in churches who remain focused and rooted to the word of truth while some are being led astray,” said Rev Chiangwa.