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Chamisa Draws The Line, Declares 21 January D-Day!

Nelson Chamisa
Nelson Chamisa

The president of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party Mr Nelson Chamisa has finally lost his patience with the military junta running Zimbabwe. This follows attempts by the authorities to muzzle him and stop him from delivering what he terms “State Of The Nation” address to his supporters.

President of MDC, Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa was set to address his supporters in Mbare today, concerning the growing crisis in Zimbabwe however police blocked him.

Chamisa planned to deliver a State of the Nation Address at Mai Musodzi Hall in Mbare, but the MDC says police informed the party that the event could not proceed.

The police cited “flimsy excuses that the event cannot proceed because they are busy with the schools that are opening this week, as if the police have anything to do with opening of schools,” deputy party spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said.

This is the second time that the military government in Zimbabwe has stopped the opposing leader from addressing his supporters even after giving ample notice as required under the draconian law known as POSA. The law was recently replaced with an equally restrictive law known as MOPA.


Nelson Chamisa who maintains that he won the 2018 Presidential election which has so many glaring irregularities has been at the recieving end of the wrath of the regime.

Seven of his supporters were shot dead on August 1 2018 just after the election. In January 2019, 19 of his supporters were also killed while thousands were jailed.

The Mnangagwa regime has become more and more brutal as the economic environment in Zimbabwe worsens. Public political gatherings have been banned and any attempt to circumvent the restrictions have been met with wrath.

In a tweet today, Chamisa declared that enough is enough.

It remains to be seen what course of action Mr Chamisa will take but with the deteriorating economic conditions and the restlessness in the country this could play into the insecurities of the junta.