Lobels dragged to court


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Lobel’s Bread (PVT) Limited has been dragged to court by its former transport manager who is fighting his 2001 alleged unlawful suspension.

According to a court application for quantification of the labour dispute, John Nyakamha, claims he was unlawfully dismissed in 2001 before he obtained an arbitral award in 2003.

Nyakamha’s award was later quantified to $1 724 55.84 by Arbitrator CH Lucas but both parties contested the outcome leaving the matter unresolved for over 17-years.


He says what now stands out between the parties is whether or not Lobels is liable to pay since currencies have changed over the years.

“Respondent (Lobels) has maintained that since the Zimbabwe dollar was demonetized it meant that the award also fell away.

“I have maintained that the award is still valid to date and effect must be given to the award,” wrote Nyakamha on his affidavit.

Nyakamha added that Arbitrator CH Lucas has denied with the matter further.

“I have sought to have Arbitrator CH Lucas to proceed to determine the matter regarding quantification. However, he is no longer willing to preside over the matter and wrote a letter to that effect,” reads part of the document.

Now, Nyakamha has petitioned the court to re-quantify his 2003 award of $1 724 55.84 equating to a current value.

He also claims Lobels had a decree of perpetual silence dismissed against him.

Decision over the matter is still pending.