Get rid of Mashurugwi

In a society where we were condemning acts of violence from domestic to social or political and calling for an end to these, to hear of people taking violence to even more horrific levels is as absurd as it is shocking.

Everything about these Mashurugwi should be removed. From the idea of manufacturing a machete meant to behead people to the thought of buying it, threatening people with it to actually using it to commit murder – none of that behavior is normal or human.

We must not sit and watch as people devolve into barbarians who appear plugged from gothic, medieval times.

Yesterday we ran a story headlined “Nine Mashurugwi arrested” in which six machete wielding gang members were arrested after exchanging gun fire with police in Kadoma.

The six brought the total arrests to nine following that of three others.


Two of the arrested even resisted arrest resulting in an exchange of fire with the police because they simply no longer have respect for the rule of law. To them the police, the law, human life – it is all unimportant.

In another incident in Mphoengs last week, a machete wielding gang teamed up with some unruly elements to free robbery, unlawful entry and theft suspect, Nkosana Moyo from police custody during indications.

During the scuffle police fired some shots resulting in one suspect being shot and dying at a local hospital.

The escaped suspect only handed himself back to the police while still in police handcuffs.

That is how bad the situation has become. These machete gangs have become a law unto themselves.

Just this New Year’s Day, a Mvuma gold buyer was brutally sliced and left with wounds which led to his death by Mashurugwis.

In a shocking description of the murder by one of the eyewitnesses, it is clear that life means nothing to these savages.

“The three of them caught the now deceased and started striking him several times all over the body using machetes, they searched him and left him lying down helpless and they ran away afterwards. I went to the scene and found out that Marko Dube was still alive, he then advised me to take his cellphone and call his uncle who was in Kadoma to inform him that he was robbed of his US$700 and that he was struck by machetes,” narrated the eyewitness.

For US$700 a life was taken because three men were so greedy that they decided the money is worth more to them than that man’s life to his family, friends and kin.

The police observed that the deceased had four deep cuts on the right cheek, one deep cut on the left leg, another deep cut on the left hand elbow and one deep cut on the left hand palm – all inflicted by these barbarians.


It is time they are removed from the rest of society.