It feels good making my contribution to this column – From The Horse’s Mouth – in my capacity as an MC, deejay and entertainment consultant.

There is no other best way to start 2020 and I will always remain humbled by the faith shown by H-Metro editorial team for allowing me to share my story.

Of course I once received the stick for mimicking Star FM presenter Pathisani Sibanda’s voice but it’s now water under the bridge since I wanted to find my own identity.

In my instalment, I would like to share with you of the experiences I had in life and hopefully you will be inspired. Read on…



My name is Andrew Machona simply known as MC Andy Kayz in showbiz.

I was born on the 26th of October 1984 in Glen View Maternity Clinic in a family of seven – six boys and a girl.

Being the last born in the family, I was spoiled a lot a lot by my late father (David Machona) who used to run a hardware and supermarket at Machipisa.

As for my primary education, I attended Glen View 2 Primary before I enrolled at Lord Malvern for my high school.

After my Ordinary Level, I couldn’t proceed with my education since I was running my late father’s businesses.

However, I later enrolled at Harare Polytechnic where I attained a Diploma in Graphic Designing the skills which has taken me this far.

I am now running my own company Shimac Advertising which happens to be my other source of income.


Entertainment has always been running in the family.

My late father used to run record bar while my three brothers – Shingirai, Farai and Fungai – were club wheel-spinners.

I used to accompany my brothers whenever they were performing at functions, which prompted me to take deejaying and emceeing seriously.


I can do both deejaying and emceeing which has earned me the moniker MC Andy Kayz.


As an MC, we want to go commercial after registering our entertainment brand, Dream Team Entertainment, which comprise Joseph Mutero (Joe Mentro) and Wilfred Wills (Flavah Woggie).

I have since secured a contract with Choppies, Food World and a number of night clubs like Club Mugove in Zaka, Club Manucho, Club Las Vegas among others.

To ensure that we meet our goals and stay in the game, we are running our affairs in a professional manner.

We also research widely and wisely on want our clients expect us.

Besides the entertainment company, we also have a boozers team under the same banner where Joey Nyikadzino is the chairlady.


In our case, we can safely say we don’t have competition owing to our versatility and creative edge.

When it comes to our music selection, we don’t confine ourselves to a specific genre but we rather play what the audience or fans require be it as weddings, corporate events  and night clubs in both the capital  and back of beyond (machonyonyo),.

As such, we have managed to remain relevant in the game, giving fans whatever music they require.



We now embrace social media as our marketing tool, we also use newspaper adverts and even posters.

Owing to the demand of our services, we have employed a guy who solely do advertisement.

He is the one who approaches corporates under his company Ordnet Marketing.


We have already hit the ground running having organised a corporate show to be headlined by Tocky Vibes and Sandra Ndebele in Bulawayo at Choppies’ Big Birthday promotions where grand prizes will be won.

As an entertainment company were brokered the deal and even recommended that Tocky Vibes and Sandra Ndebele being part of the line-up.

On Valentine’s Day, we are hosting Andy Muridzo and Killer at Mugove Nite Club where we have a running throughout the holidays in 2020.

As I indicated, we have running contracts at Club Manucho, Club Las Vegas and every month-end we perform at Club Mandisa in Mutare.


Being registered company, is one of the biggest achievements since we are now being recognised.

This has enabled us to be taken as a professional ensemble since we now have fixed shows.

Unlike most entertainment companies, we have managed to acquire our own PA systems  and we can even hire it out to others.

Materially, I am developing a residential stand in Glen View 7.


Management wise, I am running the company – Dream Team entertainment Company – along with Joseph Mutero.

We have been working together for close to a decade and we do understand each other since we all came a long way.



I am aware that many people might be anxious to know who I am seeing but I all I can say is that I’m in a relationship.

I’m also a father of three – two girls and a boy.


I’m aware that I was once referred as Pathisani Sibanda mimic but he still remains a brother.

Phathisani Sibanda

With Phathisani we are now working closely and he even recommends some of the artistes that I work with at our stable like Tocky Vibes.

In this industry, oneness is what is needed as is being shown by Phathisani to us despite his busy schedule  and  high profile.


Like any other person, there are some things I wished they had not happened to me.

In my case, the death of father meant that I had to perform other duties  at a young age and it also derailed my plans.

Death of my father is the only regret I see but I also thank God for giving me this talent which  has taken me places.


On lighter, I was once humiliated when I double crossed ladies at my birthday.

The fracas stole all the gloss but all the same, we have moved on. It happens with DJs.


Sharing the stage with Pathisani at HICC at a corporate was one of my happiest moments.

He even recommended me for the show and he told me to wrap up the show after he had left for his radio slot.

I was humbled by his loved considering what had been said about me copying his style of presentation.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my fans, sponsors and family for being there for me.

Have a prosperous 2020.

I thank you!

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