Ambassador Chidyausiku takes tenant to court

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

Former Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Russia, Boniface Guwa Chidyausiku, has taken his tenant Mr Garikai Muzhiki to court for refusing to vacate his house in Marlborough after he failed to pay rent resulting in him accumulating a debt of $15 750.

Mr Muzhiki allegedly refused to pay his monthly rentals of $5 250.

Ambassador Chidyausiku – who now lives at his Mufenje Farm in Concession – submitted that Muzhiki refused to pay what is due to him and refused to leave his house after serving his three months’ notice from June last year.

Mr Muzhiki is currently occupying House Number 7 Lamb Drive Marlborough Harare also known as Stand Number 874, Marlborough Township of Strathmore.


According to the summons now before the High Court, in July 2019 the High Court in case HC495/11 granted a decree of divorce between Ambassador Chidyausiku and his ex-wife Mrs Evelyn Chidyausiku nee Gurupira.

Ambassador Chidyausiku) was awarded Stand Number 874 Marlborough Township of Strathmore.

He said the consent papers showed that the tenant was given three months’ notice to vacate the property and the notice was effective from June 2019 to August 2019.

On August 21, 2019, Ambassador Chidyausiku through his lawyers gave adequate and due notice to Mr Muzhiki to vacate the property and to pay rentals to plaintiff.

He however, refused to vacate the property and pay rentals in the sum of $5 250.

“Wherefore plaintiff prays that defendant and all those who claim occupation through him be evicted from stand 874 Marlborough Township of Strathmore also known as No. 7 James Lamb Drive, Marlborough, Harare.

“Plaintiff also prays that the defendant pays damages in the sum of $5 250 per month from August 2019 to date of vacation,” read the summons.

The case is yet to be heard.