VPs call for culture of cleanliness

Fidelis Munyoro and Joseph Madzimure

The value of business centres rests on the contributions they make to local communities.

Social and business infrastructure like shops, nightclubs, market stalls, medical and transport facilities play a crucial role in the development of communities.

These are places where local people frequent in search of basic social and economic needs, and interaction which helps in creating strong and prosperous communities.

The need to have the environment around these places clean is of paramount importance.


Rhodesville and Mavambo shopping centres in Greendale and Ruwa yesterday hosted  Vice President  Cde Kembo Mohadi and a  representative of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga during the national clean-up campaign.

The nation conducts the clean-up exercise on the first Friday of every month.

Addressing Rhodesville residents after the clean-up exercise, VP Mohadi commended President Mnangagwa for participating at all clean-up events throughout the country since its inception in December   2018.

The National Clean-Up Programme has gained overwhelming support from the corporate sector, civic organisations, religious groups, Government departments and political parties.

“Allow me the opportunity to express my gratitude to His Excellency for the unflinching leadership he demonstrated in 2019 by attending all scheduled clean-up events, throughout the country,” said VP Mo hadi.

“I am happy to observe that so far we have acquitted ourselves successfully concerning the 2019 monthly national clean ups.

“I want to commend all of you for the effort displayed towards promoting a clean, safe and healthy environment that we all want as Zimbabweans.”

He called on Zimbabweans to remain steadfast in cleaning the environment every first Friday of the month.

In addition, VP Mohadi called on all stakeholders to deal with the waste management challenges that have become common in most areas.

He urged local authorities to take full control of the national clean-up exercise and ensure its sustainability.


“Local authorities should complement Government efforts by providing bins in public places,” he  said.

“A clean environment carries the country’s image. It attracts tourists hence the much needed foreign currency.”

At Mavambo, VP Chiwenga said taking personal responsibility for the cleanliness of public spaces was key to community development.

“The objective of the national clean-up campaign should not be seen as just a clean environment,” said VP Chiwenga in a speech read on his behalf by Brigadier-General Godfrey Chanakira, the principal director in the VP’s Office.

“It is our duty to save the environment’s beauty as well. Thus, it must be our goal to ensure that the environment is both pleasing to the senses and healthy to live in.”

VP Chiwenga reminded participants in the clean-up exercise that environmental cleanliness should start with each individual’s desire to be clean.

He added that the strongest governments on earth cannot clean up pollution by themselves, but rely on each ordinary citizens.

“We cannot have a thriving economy without a clean environment,” he said.

VP Chiwenga, however, commended some sectors of the economy for embracing integrated waste management to promote waste reduction, recycling, composting and proper disposal.

Speaking on behalf of the business community operating at Rhodesville Shopping Centre, PSMI acting managing director Dr Margaret Maulana commended the country’s leadership for participating in the clean-up campaign since its inception.


“As the private sector, we want to continue to support the Government’s efforts in cleaning up the environment,” said Dr Maulana.

Harare City Council acting district officer for Greendale Mrs Tendai Mapfumo said the business community should play a pivotal role in supporting Government’s pro-                                                                       grammes.

“The clean-up campaign is not only for the Government, but everyone should play an integral role in cleaning up the environment,” she said.