Apostolic sect leader acquitted

Lloyd Gwasarira

H-Metro Reporter

The leader of the Johane Masowe Wechishanu sect, Lloyd Gwasarira, who was facing rape charges has been acquitted at the close of State’s case.

In acquitting the man of cloth, magistrate Bianca Makwande, raised three critical questions as to why the complainant reported the matter after four years and why the complainant went to meet the accused person alone for the second time after she was once raped.

Magistrate Makwande also quizzed why the complainant did not reveal both counts to the husband.

Gwasarira through his defence had stated that the complainant was making false allegations to attain sympathy from her erstwhile husband so that they reconcile.


Gwasarira had been facing rape charges with complainant alleging that she was raped after he misrepresented to her that he would pray for her husband to be released from jail.

The State had alleged that in February 2016, Gwasarira approached the complainant with claims that he could have her husband released from jail where he was serving a sentence for rape.

The State also alleged that Gwasarira had taken the woman to a lodge intending to meet some people but there was no other person in the room where he allegedly raped her.

After two weeks, the State alleged that Gwasarira raped the woman again using protection.

Magistrate Makawande acquitted the man of cloth after a full trial.