AMHVoices: Zanu PF must deliver on promises

IT’S now 18 months since the July 30, 2018 harmonised elections were conducted.

By Simon Fambai, Our Reader

Before the polls, several parties read out their manifestos and promised the citizenry quite a lot, which we are yet to see bearing fruit.

The MDC-T lost the presidential elections which Zanu PF won through alleged rigging.

We now urge the winning party to deliver on their promises.


It’s crystal clear that the economy was showing signs of recovery during the 2009-2013 Government of National Unity.

But now, have been turned upside down to be worse than during the former late President Robert Mugabe’s reign.

Can Zanu PF please deliver us from this penury so that we completely forget about the 2008 scenario.

We have what it takes to have a booming economy. Investors always want to come with their monies to economies where they know they will not be elbowed out when the time comes for profit-sharing.

What we need now is someone who can guarantee job creation and a future for Zimbabwe.