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Chimanimani Devastation In Pictures


Here is the update from Pachedu contacts who are in Ngangu Chimanimani.

40 people were buried at the same time yesterday in chimanimani. A local business person Sean Kidd supplied the 40 coffins that were used for the burial. There are 13 bodies still to be buried 9 f them will be burried today.

The situation is dire. A lot of places were just washed away. Those who know Peacock Business Center, further down, it was washed away. There is no longer any building remaining there. Only 2 bodies were recovered there. Areas around Charleswood were washed away.

There was 1 army helicopter that airlifted the critically injured to Chipinge and Mutare.


The town is fast running out of food. President Mnangagwa landed there today but people were expecting that he would bring some food but it was just him and his entourage. People are in a state of daze and confusion. The place is cut off. The President had promised the people that by 4pm a C130 plane full of food would land but as of now there hasn’t been anything.

The people of Chimanimani want to thank Sean Kidd and his team who have been using a helicopter to rescue stranded people. They are also requesting that it would be better if any airlifted aid could be distributed by the army and not the local leadership. They fear the aid would end up in their shops

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