Drunk Zimbabwean Man Mandla Calvin Gumbo Strips Completely Naked On Facebook Live ,Threatens to Masturbate 

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The United States-based Zimbabwean DJ Mandla Calvin Gumbo Saturday night shocked the nation after stripping in front of a facebook live audience after drinking too much alcohol.

Pencil slim Gumbo whose exact age is unknown had hundreds of people tuning in to his group Mandla’s Lounge as he performed a dance and eventually taking off his trousers laying bare his well-hung manhood before covering himself up with a Zimbabwe flag.

The video is too graphic to share.  Gumbo has gained notoriety for his saucy shows where he seduces women and tricks them into undressing themselves in front of online viewers. He even threatened to masturbate

During the live stream,  even threatened to masturbate after a caller Yvonne V Ridgway danced for him.

The footage went viral and it’s not clear whether police will arrest him for the computer crimes.