ZANU PF AND Khupe Unite To Spin The Bulawayo Court Ruling Against Chamisa

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The MDC led by Thokozani Khupe has found willing partners in the struggle to weaken Nelson Chamisa. Today both have kissed and embraced as they seek to drag Nelson Chamisa’s bid for presidency to the ground. The court ruling today has been spun to mislead people that Khupe has been recognised as the legitimate leader of MDC-T.

The facts as they stand are that,  MDC-T chairman Morgan Komichi had brought a case to the court wherein MDC sought to bar Khupe and Co from using the party logo and signals at their new formation.  Justice Francis Bere ruled that the issue of these properties were all going to be settled by the ruling that is expected after the May 30 case in which Khupe is challenging the legitimacy of Chamisa.

The judge was not willing to preempt the May 30 case and therefore chose to throw out the case. Obert Gutu the Vice President of the MDC-Khupe faction has been on an overdrive on Twitter celebrating a sentiment that he has shared with other ZANU PF members and State media like The Herald.