Five things we didn’t know about Uebert Angel

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We thought we knew everything about The Good News Church leader Uebert Angel. Uebert Angel does not offer interviews to the press and most of what is written about him in the media is second hand information.

But in a rare interview with The Financial Gazette, Angel talks with journalist Paul Nyakazeya and reveals several nuggets about himself that we haven’t read anywhere else.
The story is on the newspapers’ Web site, but here are the interesting parts:
1. Born Uebert Angel on the 6 September 1978. Uebert Angel is the last born in a family of 9 children.
2. Uebert Angel doesn’t qualify his value in monetary value. Answering a question on how much he is worth he said: “if you want to know my value, I would ask, how much time do you have? Given you don’t have much time, I will give the short version and here it is; you can’t put a value on something already paid for. Jesus paid for me so do the maths.”
3. Uebert Angel loves bad publicity. Responding to a question on how he deals with bad publicity Angel said: “I personally love bad publicity because to me it’s part of our charitable exercises. We consider it part of our Good News Aid charity arm. You need to understand that some rogue journalists can never put food on the table until they invent and sell a bad story about Uebert Angel, so we are helping a few journalists feed their families. It’s all charity.
4. Grace is one of the Godly gifts that he appreciates: he defines grace as such: “religion says because I am flawed I am unacceptable and grace says though I am flawed I am acceptable. Now you have my definition.
5. Uebert Angel believes anyone turns off by the good news message is not ready for heaven. Asked who the real target of this Good News is? He responded: “I can indubitably say on the authority of the inherent word of God (that) anyone who is turned off by this Euagellion, the Good News of God’s grace, is not ready for heaven. Good News is not homogeneous but heterogeneous; it accommodates all, no matter what shape or size you are. It is a one size fit all message!