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PICTURES: Shock As Masvingo Woman Beats Up Hubby, EXCRETES In Bar!

A Mucheke woman who had mixed some scud drink with a high alcohol content spirit called Teku-teku bashed her husband at Chigudu Bar at Sisk before exposing her innerparts and urinating in front of male imbibers.

Wyne Svevera who used to frequent council beer halls until they were closed down last month followed her husband Zigwati to Chigudu Bar and found him drinking.

They started drinking together mixing opaque beer with Teke-teku.
A while later, the two had a misunderstanding with the wife accusing the husband of mingling with thigh vendors when she was not there. She ruthlessly bashed her husband who had to make good his escape.

Patrons who restrained her cheered her afterwards describing her as a ‘real man’ but she was not impressed by the flattering and to prove that she was a woman, she removed her undergarment pulled up her skirt and stretching her legs apart showed the men in the bar that she was just a woman.

Svevera is captured on camera as she allegedly relieves herself inside Chigudu Bar at Sisk Business Centre in Masvingo.

She then urinated on the floor in full view of the patrons. Her friend had to clean the spoiled floor. Asked why she acted that way, Svevera later said she did not remember anything.