Wicknel Chivhayo foul-mouthed rant hits Prophet Magaya.. calls him a crook sweet-talking people into offloading their money

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PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya has been attacked by humiliated ZIFA sponsor Wicknel Chivhayo.

Chivhayo who this week announced he is quitting on his sponsorship arrangement for the warriors, has attacked Magaya saying he is a crook.

The man has stood strong on his statement released four months ago on Magaya in which he also described prophets as a bunch of crooks sweet-talking people into offloading their money.

As he won the Star FM Businessman of the Year Award in December, he raged writing:

”I just received a call, I’m told I won an award yesterday evening at Star FM as the Business Person of the Year. I’m an obnoxious though inspirational young tycoon involved in big business so in my view most grateful level headed people now feel I don’t receive the acknowledgement I deserve which is fair enough.

“I was also told this Business Person of the Year Award aims to reveal, recognise and reward a hard working person setting them up as positive role model for others to aspire to.

“As much as I’m humbled and very grateful for such recognition, I don’t see why there was need for any competition and a voting process. This was an obvious no brainier and it goes without saying. I was also very disappointed to hear the finalists where Sir , Philip Chiyangwa and Walter Magaya. Who chose these names and what criteria did they use to categorically define a business man? A big Yes, without any doubt my elder brother same mother same father Boss Phil the incumbent , undefeated ZIFA chairman, Gushungo and King of Selfies being my role model is a very successful businessman and qualifies but who is this so called Magaya?

“What business does he run that we know and where is it? They should nominate Prophet of the Year Award not suggest that collecting tithes is a business. Churches have become a business in Zimbabwe hence the reason there’s so much competition amongst prophets…Don’t be fooled and tricked by these bunch of crooks starting new churches sweet talking you with the prosperity gospel and exciting miracles…. My father in heaven is only a prayer away pfugama unamate.”-