Econet doubles daily bundles data every Sunday – offers 2GB for $1

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Econet Wireless made another change to its broadband suite doubling the data offer on the Daily Bundles line up. Subscribers who buy any of the four Day Bundles(50 MB, 250MB, 1GB and 2 GB) on Sundays are receiving 100% free data.

The offer is valid on Sundays only, and the data expires at midnight on the day of purchase. This brings the cost of data, (at least on Sundays only) to $1 for 2GB which is the most generous the mobile operator has been so far and something that NetOne and Telecel, the two competing mobile networks are yet to match.

One frustrating bit, however, is the limited validity period on each bundle. Econet introduced the 24 hour access to the day bundles earlier this year when it increased the options on the promotional data suite but with such a limited time frame to access the data, the average user would have a bit of challenge burning through 2 GB of data.

Another challenge lies in securing a stable connection with a decent speed. 2 GB of data that is being used for video streaming or downloads (which are the two prime examples of what can actually use up the data) is pretty useless if network downtime affects the user experience.

Over the past fortnight Econet has been experiencing notable challenges with network connectivity and access to mobile broadband services that include other packages like the WhatsApp bundles, leaving subscribers to vent their frustrations on social media. Econet has responded by offering compensatory data, and explaining some of the challenges as network upgrade related faults.

Perhaps these mega data promos are just another way to pacify subscribers? Or maybe they are just an experiment away from figuring out the right broadband and price fit that will work when Econet officially launches its IPTV service Kwesé TV?

Whatever it is, it’s at least offered subscribers a lot of data for a fair price, something that Zimbabwean mobile broadband subscribers are not too used to.Techzim