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STI cases rise in Ruwa

The number of people treated for sexually transmitted infections in Ruwa is on the rise, with the satellite town recording more than 350 cases in the last three months.images (1)

Town secretary Mrs Julieth Makombe told journalists recently that the town was now working in collaboration with Doctors of Hope, a voluntary medical organisation to raise awareness on STIs.

“Our statistics are showing an increasing trend in the number of people being affected with STIs. In January a total of 117 cases were recorded, 92 in February, and 165 in March,” she said.

Last year the town recorded a total of 1 417 cases.

“We partnered with Doctors of Hope because we are overwhelmed and want to reach out to the community because prevention is better than cure,” said Mrs Makombe .


She said the local clinic was overwhelmed and was failing to cope with rising STI cases in the satellite town. Infections such as syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, urethral and vaginal discharge were topping the list. Ruwa Clinic operates without a doctor and has a staff compliment of eight nurses.

Doctors of Hope director in Zimbabwe Mr Yassin Abdullah said the two-day outreach programme conducted was targeting the 12-22 years age group.

“We are testing for STIs and treating people for free,” he said. “We are also testing HIV, diabetes and other diseases such as malaria.

“Screening and treatment are for free. We want to accommodate everyone and teach them on prevention methods.”

According to the 2012 census, Ruwa had a population of 60 000.