Grain Marketing Board Supervisor Beds Truck Drivers

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GRAIN Marketing Board (GMB) Msasa dispatching supervisor is at loggerheads with her husband for allegedly turning her workplace into a love nest.

Itai Zengeya, 39, is alleged to have fallen in love with three married truck drivers – Tambudze Chinzara, Simbarashe Mtize and one Masuku.

The three men are said to have had sex with Itai at various lodges, at least according to WhatsApp conversations found in her mobile phone by her husband, Masimbi.

Contacted for comment, Itai confirmed cheating on her husband saying she has since resolved the matter with Masimbi adding it was now water under the bridge.

“There is no need to comment on the story because I resolved the issue with my husband yesterday (Sunday) saka kana avakuiunza kwamuri vavakuita dzungu saka varikuramba vachizvitaurirei,” said Itai.

Masimbi told H-Metro that Itai had turned Grain Marketing Board (GMB) premises as her hunting ground for lovers saying he would approach GMB officials over Itai’s case.


“My wife’s behaviour is so shameful and I never suspected that she was cheating on me, turning GMB clients to her lovers,” said Masimbi.

“From the WhatsApp conversations, I discovered in her mobile phone she bedded three truck drivers and some of them apologised but Chinzara described my wife as a dog.


“Chinzara sent a message to me urging me to check with the Avenues area where he claims my wife hires various men for sex and he even sent a picture of his manhood to my wife.

“Mukadzi andinyadzisa, andishoresa uye aratidza kuti itsika yake because it is her second marriage if not third with me,” said Masimbi.

Mtize confirmed bedding Itai saying he had since apologised to Masimbi.

“Zvakadarika zviya ndanga ndiri murima but I have since stopped dating the woman and I apologised to her husband after he confronted me over it,” said Mtize.

He refused to answer further questions.

“Aaaah mdara zvemivhunzo yakawanda kwete ndakuudza kuti ndakakumbira ruregerero chete zvakwana,” said Mtize before hanging phone.

Chinzara denied bedding Itai saying he sent the messages in order to provoke Masimbi.

“Itai is my friend. I never bedded her as my WhatsApp conversations with her suggest but I wanted to provoke Masimbi because he was after me,” said Chinzara.

“I never had sex with her and to be honest with you, I want to take the matter to police because this man wanted to extort money from me after he discovered the messages.

“As for more details let me ask Itai to give you a better explanation about this issue,” said Chinzara.

GMB Msasa branch manager only identified as Hungwe could neither confirm nor deny receiving the report referring further questions to their public relations officer Joseph Katete, who could not be reached for comment.h-metro