Seh Calaz beats up Eric Knight’s daughter

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Seh Calaz has beat up his live in girlfriend, Moira Knight who is now set to flee to the UK

Seh Calaz exploded into a rage after Moira took his phone. She confirmed the assault and said she grabbed his mobile and asked for his password.

“He refused with it and when I asked why he was refusing that’s when he grabbed me by the hand and put my head between his legs and started beating me up. My whole body was injured, especially my breast, left chin and my thighs and I had to go to hospital.

She said fortune and fame had changed Seh Calaz who had started to ill treat her. “At his launch Calaz was given $7 500, and akavhunduka mari iyoyo because he has never had such an amount of money in his life.


I also believe he has a girlfriend because he never used to have problems with me going through his phone but now he has a password on his phone.”-Mafaro