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GREETINGSH-Metro readers and fashion enthusiasts.

In today’s column, we are looking at four dynamics that will certainly make us unique in fashion.


These comprise quality, originality, what’s made with you in mind and the one made for you.



This is because Africa is the future for fashion designs and best creativity.


It is widely accepted that inspiration for creativity is now derived from Africa.


And when it comes to fashion designs, African continent is still raw and freshly exciting.


Other continents are way exhausted when it comes to new and catching fashion designs.


In Zimbabwe, if we manage to take this advantage, we can leverage on that plus maximizing the best designers we are blessed with in our nation.



Zimbabwean fashion industry in order to blossom we must take it “serious” from all stakeholders, that is, from material suppliers, designers, retailers and up to final customers.


The following dynamics make us very unique and able to satisfy the fashion customer’s “style-craving”.



Seasons has come where we must proudly wear a garment clearly labeled, “Made in Zimbabwe”, we are seek and tired with these” fung-kongs”, the best before you wear it garments. They do not only rob us our hard earned money but also make us not relevance to the international trends platforms. In Nigeria they are proud of their national dressing code and in South Africa of their “Sweswe” designs. Getting something made locally, you guaranteed of best quality ever. In Zimbabwe what we call is cheap material is actually of longevity when it comes to duration.

What is now needed is the highest level of creativity when utilizing what we have. Yes, the limitation of material is not inevitable in our nation, especially with the current economical privations but worldwide no one doubts the best creativity of Zimbabweans any way in this world. If we are known of that in diasporas, then, I believe we can revamp that brainwave in a massive way and take our nation into another level in fashion circles.


What make it more exciting than anything else, is the originality of it. Made in Zimbabwe garments are real originals and gives that unbeatable sense of wearing original stuff. They is a vacuity in the world of fashion in Zimbabwe when it comes to the “Made in Zimbabwe” labels. The food stuff sector had embraced the concept well and they are enjoying the benefits of the Zimbabwean market as well as effectively penetrating the international market. Everyone is comforted to pick a made in Zimbabwe peanut butter or cooking oil rather than abroad brands.

Henceforth, Zimbabwean designers should desist from “NO NAME” garment- creations. Be proud of your nation and label your garments. Give them brands with made in Zimbabwe tags. The market, locally and internationally, is eagerly waiting.



The great challenge that every nationality faces, is the uniqueness of there structures. So those garments which we buy from ready to wear shops are not made with you in mind. They are generalized and thus make a very confusing set up. The garments suits well the manicure but when one buys it , what a disaster when he/she wears it. This disappoints a lot considering the hard earned money, time and effort used.

The problem it is not you but the designers did not have you in mind but someone else, so when the right nationality put on it then the fitting is the dot.


This is high time Zimbabweans we became proud of our on stuff.

Let us invest in ours and support our own as well as upholding our identity.

The ready to wear market should offer us garments made for us not for other nationalities. A Zimbabwean designer knows well what suits a Zimbabwean customer.

A Zimbabwean customer is well civilised to know what is really made for them;

  • Garments that are created with them in mind.
  • Garments that satisfy them in terms of the best quality.
  • Garments that originally portray our exclusivity.
  • Garments that are made with you in mind, undoubtedly are made for you and gives that individuality confidence everywhere you go.

Happy Styling.

NB: Thembani Mubochwa is an award-winning Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist.

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