McWord launches Bouncing Back


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Renowned author and motivational speaker Jeoffrey McWord successfully launched his motivation book titled Bouncing Back.

During the event, he unveiled his wife and family to the public much to the “disappointed” of several women who thought he was still single.

McWord was surprised to see some women walking out of the event immediately after he invited his wife to the stage.



In an interview, he said:


“The book will give people hope, since everything had been stalled since the coming in of Covid-19, so every- one has been wondering if there is any hope after this pandemic.


“This is going to be a classic book and it’s a motivation on the lifestyle people have lived during lock-downs.


“It was my first biggest launch which I never expect as many people came in numbers.


“We ended up having over the number we expected, it was a surprise big number.


“The book was bid for over US$500.


“I have never taken my wife to the public and this was my first time to take her.


“The room immediately went quiet for some time and before I finished my speech more than 6 women went out of the room.”


He added:



“I did not ask them out at some point and I don’t know them, maybe they thought I was not married, they thought I was single.


“My wife doesn’t enjoy being in the public and I brought with me my family.


“The book will be relaunched in SA and there is company which is promising to reprint.


“There are some individuals from Malawi who are going to do an event in line with the book.


“The event will be held mid-April this year.”


Speakers who were lined up for the launch included philathropist Nigel Chanakira, Blessing Chiduuro, George Munengwa, Apostle Philip Pike and many others.


The motivational book speaks about how people will bounce back after having been affected by Covid-19.