Arts chiefs, musicians vaccinated

Mathew Masinge, Entertainment Reporter

Local artistes say they are ready to revert to their old way of doing business after being vaccinated yesterday in the capital.

Over 30 artists led by National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Nicholas Moyo on Thursday got their first jabs at Wilkins Hospital.

Nicholas Moyo


The move has been applauded by both the players in the creative sector and fans.


“We need to show that the sector is ready to open up and let our members fend for their families again,” said NAMA director Nicholas Moyo.

Daves Guzha

Moyo was accompanied by promoter Chipaz, Daves Guzha, Ben Mahaka, Dominic Benhura and Chirikure Chirikure who represented the various sectors in local arts.


Some of the artistes who received the Sinopharm jab include Kessia while the likes of the Diana Samkange got their first jabs last month.