‘David Genaro’ on taking a break from acting

Jamie Bartlett

PRETORIA. — It’s almost a year since we saw Jamie Bartlett on our TV screens.

Just before the lockdown, the actor took a break and decided to focus on other things like teaching.

I caught up with him on the open day at The Finishing College, where he is a partner.

Surprisingly so, he seemed to have had a good time during the lockdown, connecting with students and planning his next move.

“It’s been a fascinating time in the lock, we’ve worked right through.


“I’m a partner in The Finishing College and what best describes my role is that I upskill people.

“With the use of their voice, their posture, the ability to focus, to imagine, to push through, to not drop the ball when they have an idea or a sentence, to better present themselves, and to leave an impression,” said Bartlett.

Although he enjoys the time he spends with the students, the former Rhythm City star, who played the character of David Genaro, will be back on the TV screens later in the year.

Without giving too much, he said he’s working on a series that will be out before the end of 2021.

Asked about the new character he’ll be portraying, he said: “I’m working on something that is going to surprise people. “The world must know that it’s been fantastic for me to take a break for one year. I am going to present a character that is entirely different from Genaro.

“In sound, the way that he walks and in status. I can’t play the character of a man that is in suits and crafts because I need to get away from that.

“I’ve let myself go grey and I need to present something that makes my beautiful audience go ‘oh my gosh, is that him?’”

Speaking of his looks, I couldn’t help but notice that the red shirt he was wearing had his name on it.

And as a tall man, Bartlett admitted that he only wears customised clothes.

“When I’m sitting down I’m incredibly tall. People think ‘jeez that guy must be enormous,’ and it’s because my back is so long.


“I realised years ago that when I bought a beautiful jersey it wouldn’t fit.

“I could never get a shirt to tuck in because I was so tall. 

“I started making all my shirts,” he said.

He also added that his fashion sense is inspired by the African women, who know how to work with African print, as well as Indian fashion. — IOLNews