Nyasha Kada

Dancehall artiste Qounfuzed has revealed that showbiz sabotage has motivated his work rate and song-writing.

Qounfuzed, who is currently riding high with the hit song 9ine/Slow whine, has released a number of songs comprising Dzoka kumba, Tirare, Personal Person, Goodnight and Ngwavha Ngwavha during the lockdown phase.


He has also released a new single titled Zvironda which has an accompanying beautiful video.



However, Qounfuzed reckons his music is not being appreciated by some deejays as well as sabotage from awards ceremony organisers.


“My work rate is inspired by sabotage from the awards netumwewo as well as some deejays that don’t like playing my music.


“That’s where my inspiration comes from these days.


“They make me feel like I’m upcoming and unknown so I have to work hard till I get recognised,” he said.


Speaking about the new song and   its video video, he said:



“It’s a love song which talks about a relationship that’s being haunted by past relationships.


” The guy is basically telling his partner that we have all been hurt and heartbroken but let’s not make that have an impact on our relationship.


“The guy asks the girl not to compare him with the other people that she has been involved with because they are different.


“The video was shot in Capetown and directed by Walle Visuals whilst the song was produced by Casper Beatz.”


He revealed that he has more music and videos to release during the course of the year.



“I have six more music videos with to be released throughout the year. I’m here for the title  Artist of the year.


“Singles to look forward to are Body, Mhosva featuring Cindy Munyavi, Kamunamato Kekubhawa featuring Bazooka and Now and Then.


“I have been working so hard during the lockdown period I have managed to work with young upcoming artistes as well as established artistes like Roki and Tocky Vibes.”


Going forward, Qounfuzed added that he is now aiming at collaborations with international artistes.


“My aim is to start engaging with international artistes so the audience gets broad.


“Locally I think I have achieved everything apart from bagging an award or a single nomination at the local award shows.


“I just think it’s not for everyone and I have come to peace with it.


” My focus now is to go on the next level


“I’m really grateful to my management who has supported my craft as far as video funding is concerned.


“My visuals have now improved 10 times more and we are even aiming higher,” he said.