Paul Pindani in Chinhoyi

YOUTHFUL singer Bryan Kadengu says winning the Star FM Listeners Choice Award for Best RnB Music was a great achievement in his career.

Kadengu won the award for the song Energy off his album People Worldwide.



Bryn K

“For this particular song, Energy, I happen to be the one who produced the song, so it really means a lot.


“It’s just confirmation to say I am moving in the right direction,” said Kadengu, who vowed to continue composing music that people can relate to.


After winning the award, Kandengu has said he would continue building his music empire and create synergies with other artistes.


He said Chinhoyi was blessed with a lot of talent, dating back to the days of the mighty Bhundu Boys.


“It’s inspiring to see many other amazing talents from Chinhoyi doing amazing things.



“I get my inspiration from God through everything that happens to me and or around me.


“Everything I sing, I would have experienced or seen someone go through it.


“Sometimes God just puts a song in my heart and that song bothers me until I get it out,” he said.


The Starbrite winner urged fellow artistes to work hard to reach great heights.


“It was such an amazing experience, especially for a young artiste who was coming from a small town.



“I learnt a lot and I also learnt how to deal with pressures of popularity then,” said Kadengu.


Kadengu grew up in Chinhoyi and did his primary education at Chaedza and secondary education at Chemagamba High School.