Jah Love was a lyrical legend: Machembere

Nyasha ‘Machembere’ Dope

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

REGISTERED music promoter and entrepreneur Nyasha “Machembere” Dope on Saturday praised late chanter and liberation hero Soul Jah Love as a lyrical legend who deserved all the honours.

Machembere, who is the director of Big Apple Entertainment Promotions, applauded Government for the conferment of the liberation hero status to Chibaba as a remarkable endorsement.

Soul Jah Love


Chibaba died on February 16 aged 31 and was buried over the weekend at Warren Hills Cemetery.


And being one of the few remaining female promoters who worked closely with Chibaba, Machembere said the Conquering Family boss’ music won’t be interfered with his remains.

“Jah Love was passionate about his music, to me he was not just a dance hall musician but an artiste I can listen to his music as he sang from the heart,” she said.


Machembere hailed Ndini Uya Uya hit-maker for his creative edge, which made him a cut above the rest.

“Whenever he released an album or single, it will be a gem always. He was a lyrical legend.


“He changed the face of Zimdancehall, a genre known and associated with medleys, riddims only, shallow and bubble gum songs.



“In him, he composed mature music which appealed across all the ages since the music was lyrically rich.


“I also understood his music more because I see myself through him since I grew up as an orphan,” she said.


Machembere, who first worked with Soul Jah Love six years ago at her entertainment joint (Big Apple) in the heart of the capital, said the youthful chanter was committed to his work despite his ill-wealth.


“I remember in 2015, we did Bob Marley commemoration at Big Apple Night Club in the capital where everyone was doubting if Jah Love will come and sure he came late and everyone got worried.


“When he appeared on stage, everyone was happy and you could see that fans were very happy about his performance.



“Despite power cuts on the night, he continued singing and even advised sound engineers to fix the problems.


“When power was restored, fans started singing along with him and that’s when I realised that he was indeed talented,” she said.


Regarding the liberation hero status he was given, Machembere said:


“He fully deserved it but it’s really said that some people we now recognise his impact after his death.


“He touched hearts of many yet with his music both locally and internationally yet other people used to ridicule him calling Chibaba all sorts of name and even mocking him.”


On lessons that can be drawn from Soul Jah Love’s dignified farewell, she added:


“I have learnt that Soul Jah Love touched and changed many people’s lives through his music; I have also realised that if you do good, you will have followers, even silent followers who follow you secretly.


“In short, Chibaba has taught us that we need to impact other people’s lives before we die so that we can be remembered for the good things we did before our death.”


Besides promoting Zim dancehall chanters at her joint, Machembere has hosted artistes from the mainstream music industry among them Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo, Peter Moyo and Baba Harare among others.


She has been applauded for reviving mbira sessions at her entertainment hub and there were plans to take the mbira sessions countrywide before they were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.