Victoria Jimu, Cornelius Hope Academy Secondary School

My name is Victoria Jimu.
I am 14-years-old and in Form Three at Cornelius Hope Academy Secondary School in Good Hope, Harare.

I have a passion for writing, therefore, I am in the Writers’ Club at the school.

As a result of the current lockdown, we meet on WhatsApp platforms and this is where we share our reading and writing experiences.

My friends and I read newspaper articles, and novels based on high school life. What we like most about reading is that we get to know what is happening around us. This helps improve our writing skills.

My classmates recently published a book and this has inspired me to read widely and improve my writing skills.


I am reading a book called, “Love Casts out Fear”, by Brother Nathan and David Culross. It is a biographical story of Brother Nathan, who was a Christian boy.

He enjoyed Bible studies. His father left the family when Nathan was only six. Nathan became a believer in Christ and spread the Word. He overcame most of his problems through faith.

I like the book because it teaches us not to seek revenge, but to forgive and forget.

We learn to face our fears through love and by caring for others.