Dairy farming, horticulture keeping Mangwenya busy


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MBIRA player and spiritualist Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange says her dairy and horticulture projects are keeping her busy during lockdown.

Mangwenya, who is fast establishing herself as a farmer in Trelawney, Mashonaland West, said she has always had multiple sources of income.

“I have been a farmer for the greater part of my life despite being a musician and businesswoman. “Being one of the essential workers on lockdown, we are busy at the farm where I am giving a lot of attention to dairy and horticulture.



“With the lockdown set to be extended for some months, we are safe at the farm where we are working on the land to feed the nation,” she said.


Mangwenya, who started off as an urban grooves artiste at the turn of the century, said it was high time fellow players in the creative sector diversified.


“Our industry is as good as closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can’t afford to continue resting on our laurels, hoping to be spoon fed.


“We have reached a point where we need to diversify and do something which can help us bring food on the table.


“We can’t continue mourning or wishing for the arts sector to be opened because it might take a while.



“One thing we need to realise is that time flies, while families need to be looked after and fed. “As a mother and employer, I know how hard it is to look after kids because parenthood comes with its demands.


“In my spare time, I sell hozheko milk at the farm and I also do deliveries in line with the Covid-19 restrictions.


“We are now in an era where we need to really work hard to be able to fend for our families,” she said.


Musically, Mangwenya said she would continue recording new stuff each time she gets the opportunity. During the festive season, she released a single titled Dhende as a teaser to her forth-coming album. The production of Mangwenya’s forth-coming album is now in advanced stages, according to her handlers.