ANDY Muridzo and Onismo Saini

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Andy Muridzo’s handlers say the pint-sized crooner has shifted his attention to piggery project as a way to supplement their earnings.

After close to 10 months of inactivity last year due to the Covid-19 lockdown where public gatherings and shows remain banned, Baba Keketso has devised other means.

Speaking through his manager and most Onismo Saini, the Jeetaz Band camp said their boss  was indeed a hardworking father.



“We are now spending much of our time at the plot in Norton where we have a piggery project.


“As we speak right now, we have over 150 pigs  and piglets that we are rearing as a way to supplement our dues.


“We have passed a stage where we can rely on live shows only because the environment is not conducive for the that thing.


“As a friend and manager, I will have to advise him to invest in something else rather than waiting for  live shows proceeds.


“As a sector, we have come to a point where we need to diversify as plays in the creative sector or else will remain poor or starve to death,” he said.



Despite the demanding piggery project they have undertaken,  Saini added:


“Of course farming is taxing  and demands a lot of hands on but what I can safely say is that we haven’t stopped music.


“Andy has been doing a number of music projects  and in the past fortnight or so, he has one a number of collaborations with such artistes as Nox who is based in South Africa, Gary Mapanzure, Beverly Sibanda among others.


“We are also courting one of the biggest artistes in the country and that collaboration can easily pass as a game-changer if we seal the deal.


“Regarding live shows, we will wait for the right time where authorities will be guiding us,” he added.