Hugh Masekela salutes Ammara

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South African jazz guru Hugh Masekela showered praises on rising musician Ammara Brown after her outstanding performance at Montclair Resort and Casino last weekend.

Ammara Brown
Ammara Brown

Masekela said he had seen Ammara doing collaborations on stage in previous shows but it was his first time to watch her going through her paces with her set.

The South African musician said Ammara has the potential to penetrate the international market if she maintains her energetic act.

“She is amazing. I had not seen her on stage with her band and I am impressed. Ammara has talent and she will go places if she maintains this act,” said Hugh Masekela.

“She has the energy and unique stage presence. Her choreography is outstanding and I am happy Zimbabwe is producing musicians that can penetrate the international market.”

In a backstage chat with Ammara, Masekela urged the musician to avail her acts on the international market to show the world her potential.

“You should record such performances and upload videos on the Internet,” Masekela told Ammara.

“Anyone who knows good art will like that choreography. You have the potential to become an international star and I can assure you that international promoters will come after you if they see such an act.”

Masekela was a guest performer at the show that was headlined by Oliver Mtukudzi.

He featured on Mtukudzi’s act and they did a duet titled “Tapera”.

Ammara was the first one to perform at the show, which has become an annual event in Nyanga. It was her first time to perform in the resort town and her act was good enough to excite Masekela and hundreds of fans that thronged the place.

In addition to her original songs, Ammara performed her late father Andy Brown’s classics.

Her song “Kure Kure” – originally a duet with Jah Prayzah – was the crowd’s favourite while her father’s “Mawere Kongonya”, which closed her act, sealed the outstanding performance.

Ammara said she was happy to join Mtukudzi and Masekela for the exciting show.

“It was a brilliant event. I was happy with the response and I enjoyed being part of the big event. It is always exciting to share the stage with great musicians like Uncle Tuku (Mtukudzi) and Hugh Masekela. They inspire young generations with their expertise and experience. It was a good show,” she said.

“I will take Hugh Masekela’s advice because I believe he has seen it all in the music industry and he knows very well how to rate performances and encourage young musicians like myself. I am honoured to get such advice from a veteran.” The Herald