Finding our purpose in life

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I  believe that creation is for a reason.

The world and everything in it serve a purpose, and it is important to explore our purpose as human beings.

There is definitely a purpose for each one of us.

Finger-pointing and blame-shifting is quite unhelpful; we must do our part the best way we know how.


Some people do not care to find out what it is they are supposed to be doing in life.

What is it that you are doing for a living? Is it your calling? Do you feel satisfied or do you feel that inner joy after doing that which you do? Do you feel like you have served a purpose?

If you were born to be a doctor or a nurse, you always have that relentless conviction to see people free from illness and discomfort.

You also feel relieved after nursing them to health.

This naturally shows that it is your calling.

If you do not have the passion for what you do, it means you are in the wrong profession.

But this does not mean that one has to solely focus on one thing: One can run as many businesses as they can.

However, it is important to ensure that they do that which they love the most.

It is possible to have people in an area they were not called to serve, but it is best to employ people who were meant to serve in that particular field.

Serving a purpose helps one to excel in the field they were called to serve because what they do comes from the heart, and they work faithfully.


Those who serve for a purpose are not quitters; they always see their ideas and vision through.

We should always remember that as human beings we are always as different as our purpose in life.

Each one of us is called to serve differently.

This is why we have different skills and expertise.

If you take two engineers today and give them a task, the way they would perform it is different and the results would be similarly different.

One would naturally outperform the other.

Sometimes it is not only about skill but about passion as well.

There is a passion that is inherently ingrained in people before they acquire their skillset.

Most people waste time competing.

Competition is only for people who are not aware of their purpose in life.


It is folly to compete with a person who knows his real purpose in life.

It is best for people to find their purpose in life and serve the best way they know how.

Competition is at times evil because it often leads to evil acts – trying to hurt or kill each other.

We cannot solve issues by killing or hurting each other.

We just need to seek that which is within us.

What are we meant to do? If we find it and serve it, then this world will become peaceful and great to live in.

Serving in your area of purpose gives peace, joy and happiness.

And even greatness will truly come out if it.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Competition is at times evil because it leads to evil acts


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