Sam Dondo mourns Impala CEO

Sam Dondo (centre) with the late Impala Car Rental CEO Thomposn Dondo and D Train at his album launch


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

CROONER Sam Dondo is still to come to terms with the death of his brother and Impala Car Rental Group CEO, Thompson Dondo.

The astute businessman and affable arts promoter succumbed to kidney failure last weekend aged 48.


The late Thompson Dondo (right) with Munya Viali

His death came as a shock to many who looked up to him as a philanthropist, business partner and father figure.


And Sam who honed his skills under the late Dondo’s mentorship and great tutelage said the departed businessman was focused, hardworking and a team player.


“I’m one person who directly benefited a lot from my late brother who wanted me to realise my future potential as an artistes and businessman.


“Music wise, he was more of an executive producer who contributed a lot in my career from those big album launches as well as assisting me in the studio.


“On my debut album Dyara Minamato, he would come to the studio and listen to what we were doing contributing a lot when it comes to music arrangement.



“He used to share ideas with the producer Munya Viali as well as we my instrumentalist.


“At times, we wuld make some amendments to some of the songs that we would have recorded to ensure that we come up with a quality album.


“He sacrificed a lot for me to be where I am today and I owe to my late brother who saw a lot of potential in my talent as an artiste,” he said.


The 35-year-old also opened up on their last conversation with the late businessman before his death.


“We were busy planning my album launch with his assistance but everything is now on hold after his death.



“He had assigned me to talk to Josh to ensure that he could assist me with the launch since it requires runners of his calibre.


“At the moment, I need time to mourn my brother and will only launch it once I heal because we really miss him a lot,” he said.


Business wife, Sam said he also benefited from his brother’s modus operandi.


“My brother wanted things to be done in a professional manner and I will still implement some of the things he taught me.


“He groomed us to be self-reliant event though he provided for all of us.


“The legacy and empire he left are big and we look up to God to ensure that we maintain his teachings,” he said.


Sam said he would continue giving moral support to his brother’s eldest son King 98 who is doing well.


“The foundation has been laid for King 98 and where he came from is where it matters.


“He is a hard working boy who is focused and well-groomed and it is my prayer to see him to continue doing well.


“King 98 has proved all the doubting Thomases with his talent and what he needs now is continue working hard and know that we are there for him when he requires moral support to ensure he excels,” he added.