New movie hits YouTube

Dellen Chisango with white shirt Proud Chikoto in the middle Tanatswa Zange with blue shirt

Nyasha Kada, H-Metro Reporter

A new movie titled “Ghetto Love” is out.

South Africa based Zimbabwe born film director Dellen Chisango is behind the 40 minute movie.

Proud Chikoto and Bridget Chani


The film now available on YouTube features a new cast, the like of Bridget Chani, Proud Chikoto, Choiceley Manjoro and Peter Manhanga.


It was shot in various high density suburbs in South Africa like Cosmo, Randburguz, Marlvern and Bedfordview respectively.


Speaking to H-Metro, the 24-year-old Chisango said:


“I am really excited about this movie because it’s my first feature film.


“I have been making short films in the past and to me this more of a graduation to the next level.



“The movie has already had its premiere in Johannesburg and Cape Town and now we are looking forward to Žimbabwe.


“The movie is also available on YouTube.”


Ghetto Love is about a young unprivileged gentleman and a young beautiful girl who both lives in the high density area.


They fall in love with each other but due to the different circumstances their lives are changed by defining events of family challenges, prostitution and drugs as they try survive and make ends meet.


Their love was therefore compromised and everything went upside down soon after they suddenly met each other on the wrong side.