Matanda warns artistes of 2021

Runesu Matanda

Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Businessman and music promoter, Runesu Matanda, has urged musicians and others in various art sectors to be more diverse.

He said 2020 has been a big lesson and musicians should start to engage in other life skills to earn a living.


Speaking to H-Metro, Matanda who has helped various upcoming artistes in the capital, Bulawayo and Masvingo said:



“I am not saying artistes should abandon their music careers but rather should start to think of other skills that can bring them income when music is not paying much.


“2020 surely has taught us a big lesson and nothing is promised in 2021.


“There is new wave of the pandemic and no one really knows how things are going to turn out.


“It’s time artistes start adapting and adopting so they can earn a living otherwise the majority of them are going to languish and struggle.


“There are not going to be handouts forever, so it is important to have something to fall on.”



He added:


“We pray to God so that we can survive through these trying times and he gives us strength and love to look out and help each other as human kind.”