LAEL Tavonga Mushaninga

IT’S now clear that Zimbabwe will never run short of new and raw talent, especially in the creative sector.

Each time, the sector gives birth to a new star which needs guidance and profession management.

And this time around, a new gem destined for stars has been born for those madly in love with RnB and soulful music.



Fourteen-year-old Lael Tavonga Mushaninga, who enjoys rave reviews with her latest single titled A Girl is a Woman, has entered 2021 in style as she basks in the glory of her newly found fame.

H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) Trust Khosa (TK) had a question answer with the girl (LTM) who opened up on her mission, vision and passion. Read on…



LTM: I come from a family of three children, an elder sister and a younger brother. I’m a middle child.

I’m going into Form 3 at St. Johns Emerald Hill.

I grew up in Mabelreign, Harare.



TK: How do you spend your week?

LTM: Watching TV, Tik Tok and just singing.


TK: Tell me when your passion for music started and grew?

LTM: It started when I was very young.

I should have been four years old. I sang at a Christmas recital at my nursery school and I have not stopped singing since.


TK: Where do you get your inspiration from?

LTM: From different places; God, environment and other musicians.



TK: Your role models both locally and abroad?

LTM: Tasha Cobbs, Tammy Moyo and Janet Manyowa.


TK:  Why did you choose R’nB?

LTM: When I wrote the music I never sat down to decide what genre I was going to do.

I cannot run away from the influences around me but can also assure you that there is more to come from me in terms of music flavours or styles.


TK: What has changed in your life since the release of your single – A Girl is a Woman?

LTM: Lol; not a lot just Interviews and lots of questions to answer and thinking of how my video is going to be like,


TK: What inspired the song and how long did you take writing it?

LTM:  I just wanted to express how a girl child should also be listened to.

I feel as a girl child I have a lot to share but there is never that platform because I’m always told I’m a child and I don’t know anything.

Also generally society tends to focus more on the boys and educating them yet as girls we also need to be looked at as people that can also be CEOs or presidents one day I believe we have a lot to offer.

We just need to be given the opportunity and platform. So, this was my way of just expressing myself and how I feel.

To write the song it took me less than an hour I actually wrote it in the studio just before recording.


TK: Which instrument do you play and or would you want to play and why?

LTM: Funny, I am a self-taught pianist, I do beatbox, and I can play guitar, not professionally though.


TK: What challenges are facing as a young girl trying to penetrate the music front?

LTM: Just not knowing who in the music industry to guide us and where to begin actually.

I do look up to mature ladies in the industry so they can walk besides us the younger ones to guide us.


TK: How do you handle fame as a young girl?

LTM: I’m not yet famous, so, just still me.


TK: How do you balance between music and school work?

LTM: I try to work on my music after school and on weekends. My parents still want me to focus on school.


TK: Your happiest moment (s)?

LTM: When i did a song on Star Fm with Chiweddar on the Dreamaker Show. That was amazing for me.


TK: Your embarrassing moment(s) on a lighter note?

LTM: Hmmm, when I forgot to mention all my aunts by name on my radio interview and they all screamed at me for not mentioning them.


TK:  Whom do you give credit for your success?

LTM: I don’t feel like I have succeeded yet, but I owe my gratitude to God for blessing me with a gift of singing and my family,  Zimpraise Kids and yes, my favourite producer, the Dream Maker RK from Star FM for kick starting my professional career and yes of course my producer for this track Wayne Afro Beats Studio.


TK: Besides music what other hidden talent do you have that you are yet to exploit?

LTM: Beat boxing, fashion designing and photography.


TK: What’s your advice to other young girls who want to venture into music?

LTM: Just go for it, there is no right age to start, just do it.


TK: How has Covid-19 affected your work?

LTM: Funny, it has made me more enthusiastic about singing because i have had more time to sing and practice.


TK:  In which areas do you think you still need to work on?

LTM: It’s a journey and will be learning new things every time.


TK:  Share with us your 2021 resolutions, music wise?

LTM: I want to really blow up the airwaves, collaborate with other artistes and maybe do a music video.


TK:  Lastly, mention a few people you would like to thank for making your dream come true?

LTM: My sister Waishe, mum and dad for believing in me and allowing me to pursue my music career, RK the dream maker my Bishop Noah Pashapa for affirming my talent and gift in the church, my mum and dad’s family Chingama and Mushaninga family for all the support, my Sekuru Eddy for taking me to the studio and spending the whole day with me and pushing me when I got tired.

I would like to thank my managers Irene Chingama and Isabel Mlotshwa, the list is endless.


TK: Thanks for your time.

LTM: You are welcome.