Mai Patai

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

AWARD-WINNING gospel artiste Mai Patai says 2020 was a tough year, which brought new lessons to people.

The Gweru based diva also conceded it was difficult for many among her peers to make ends meet but they managed to win hearts of many.

“The year 2020 was a bit challenging year full of troubles in the whole world because of the pandemic.



“However, I thank God for His sufficient grace, I’m doing well, but I would like to pass my deepest condolences to those who lost their relatives because of the coronavirus,” she said.

On her achievements in the year 20202, the Mazambara hit-maker continued:


“I have attained a National Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies and I’m the happiest person because now have a new title, Pastor Respina Patai.”

She however conceded that her musical career was stalled as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.


“My music career was greatly affected a lot because I was wasn’t able to perform live shows the way I used to do before Covid-19.



“My band and l were also faced financially because there are now not able to feed their families as they depend on music since our industry was affected,” she said.


Despite the challenges many artistes were facing, Mai Patai said the Covid-19 pandemic brought new lessons.


“I have learnt that as musicians we mustn’t depend on music alone, but tiitewo zvimwe like commerce so that we will be able to feed our families especially during the hard times,” she said.


Mai Patai who spent the greater part of the year doing studies has vowed to remain the same person despite her new title.


“I don’t think I’m going to change because I am still the same person, the artiste and pastor, but l will adjust so that pastoral and music shall work hand in hand.



“Truly speaking, this year I have done nothing because I was occupied with the school work.”


Being a role model to many people in the Midlands, Mai Patai has also pledged create some synergies with other artistes in the province.


“I have done a lot here in my home town. Recently, I invited some of the artistes on my graduation ceremony, we had time to bond as Midlands artistes, some of them performed there and we had to share ideas on how to market our projects.


“Regarding my future plans, I think that by the grace of God l will launch some singles.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank God that I also featured on Rev T.T Chivaviro & Friends’s Christmas song named Kana Wakayambuka. The song is something else,” she said.