Natural Bond releases 2020 shutdown riddim

Jerome ‘Natural Bond’ Elvie

Entertainment Reporter

Jamaican music producer Jerome Elvie, better known as Natural Bond Entertainment in the reggae/ dancehall scene, has released a new riddim titled Life Guide to end the year.

Natural Bond became popular to several Zimbabweans who folllow reggae/dancehall music after working with South Africa based Zimbabwean dancehall artiste, Buffalo Souljah.


They have already recorded tracks like the hit song No Man Bigger Than God and Family.”



Buffalo Souljah also happens to feature on the Life Guide riddim alongside Deeclef and Deep Jahi on a song titled “Guide my path.”


The riddim only carries two tracks with the other coming from Bugle, a song titled Life still well.


In an interview with H-Metro, Natural Bond said:


“I wanted to end the year on a positive note.


“I had a clear vision of the effect; impact that I wanted this project to have.



“The artistes featured on this project felt the same energy.”


“Bugle is known for the messages in his music and he is a proven talent but even with that said I was surprised to have a song from him within a hour after he heard the riddim.


“Buffalo, Deep Jahi and Deeclef I’ve worked with on the gold leaf riddim project so I was sure of their collaboration being a potential classic as they are all not just simply talented but very musically inclined.


This is it for this riddim for now as far as artistes goes but people should expect lots of great work from everyone featured on this come 2021 and beyond.”


He added:



“I wanted to create something to have people reflect and escape from whatever challenges they face if only for a few minutes hence the name Life Guide.”